Captain America: The First Avenger TV Spot 1 – Trailer

2011  Looks to be the year of more comic book / superhero movie adaptation releases.  As a kid growing up I have been a fanatic of  Marvel Comic books namely Spider-man, The Avengers, Fantastic Four and Captain America. I was able to watch the 1990 movie adaptation of Captain America with Matt Salinger as the Star Spangled Avenger years back and I’d say he had done a great job of portraying the character. The movie wasn’t a big budgeted movie by today’s standard but I wished it had been made as such but it isn’t. Fast forward to present, now here come’s the new movie adaptation coming up with director Joe Johnston at the helm and Chris Evans as the new Captain America. The first tv spot/ teaser looks to be promising and good and so the geek in me can’t help but share it here. 🙂

Now dig in and see for yourself. 🙂


* Originally Posted at BWA on 28 February 2011


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