Amaya (Unreleased) Von De Guzman

Download HQ Version (click on the image and save)

4 thoughts on “Amaya (Unreleased) Von De Guzman”

    1. can’t be played, it’s just cover. i believe someone made a sample posted over at Facebook made by a fan for the Amaya show. Von De Guzman had some sample music over his site but it doesn’t have the Amaya music if that is what your looking for. I contacted Mr. De Guzman asking if i’d be given some sort of sample or promo music but no reply yet…I’m thinking the best thing to do is to request from the composer himself if he could somehow made it available to fans seeking for that music. Film and TV scores as we know where not too popular in the RP in terms of releases as compared to the songs on Soundtrack album.

    1. if GMA so pleases i guess they could and i will personally buy my own copy if they would release the score into a physical cd. the thing is they should know first that there are actual fans who would buy it if they put in on sale in the market.

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