Biohazard 6 (AC-VGMrip-ES*) Thomas Parisch & Laurent Ziliani, Akihiko Narita…

Front Cover (VGMrip-Fan Edit)

Front Cover (VGMrip-Fan Edit)

Front Inlay (VGMrip-Fan Edit)

Front Inlay (VGMrip-Fan Edit)

Inlet (VGMrip-Fan Edit)

Inlet (VGMrip-Fan Edit)

Back Cover (VGMrip-Fan Edit)

Back Cover (VGMrip-Fan Edit)

Download HQ Version

Front Cover  |  Front & Fold Inlay  | Inlay 2  |  Back Cover

Music Composed by Akihiko Narita, Thomas Parisch & Laurent Ziliani, Kota Suzuki, Akiyuki Morimoto
Azusa Kato, Daniel Lindholm and Sebastian Schwartz
ES* (Fan Edit/VGMrip)

Special Thanks!  !!!!!



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