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TSD turns 8th!

8thTime flies by so fast and it’s been eight years already! Though the posts may have came to a halt a few years back,…it maybe time to make a comeback! If you have been wondering if there will be new posts to come or when is this site be coming back. Well I guess well find out soon!

If you have been a regular follower of this blog, thank you! If not and you just happen to find this out just recently, then by all means you’re visit is also appreciated. Keep checking for new updates and keep tracking!

Night Of The Living Dead (AC) William Loose, Ib Glindemann & John Seely

NOTLD 1968 (Preview)

NOTLD 1968 (Preview)

NOTLD 1968 Inlay (Preview)

NOTLD 1968 Inlay (Preview)

NOTLD 1968 Inlay 2 (Preview)

NOTLD 1968 Inlay 2 (Preview)

NOTLD 1968 CD Art (Preview)

NOTLD 1968 CD Art (Preview)

NOTLD 1968 Back Cover (Preview)

NOTLD 1968 Back Cover (Preview)

Full HQ Version

Front  |  Inlay  |  Inlay 2  |  CD Art  |  Back Cover

Music by William Loose, Ib Glindemann, George Hormel, Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin, Spencer Moore, Stan Livingston, Jack Cookerly, Phil Green & John Seely

(Night of the Living Dead, 1968)


The Avengers (Custom Blu-ray Special Edition Cover)

Box Art (Fan Made/Personal/Promotional Use Only)

Download “Free” Full Version

The Avengers SE3DBR

Disclaimer: This cover is a custom-fan made art for personal/promotional use only. this can be downloaded here for free and no other requirements needed. Copyrights belongs to it’s respective TM and Copyrights holder/owner.

The Amazing Spider-man (CS) James Horner

Front Cover (CS)

Front Inlay 1A (CS)

Front Inlay 1B (CS)

Back Cover (CS)

Download HQ Version

Front Cover  |  Front & Fold Inlay  1A  1B  |  Back Cover

Special Thanks! scorepranos


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