The Dark Knight Rises (CS-Updated*) Hans Zimmer

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(Originally Posted: October 12, 2012)

Special Thanks! scorepranos

Shout-outs to T-Mann036 for the updated track lists


Pearl Harbor (RS*) Hans Zimmer

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(Posted: February 22, 2013)

RS* = Unreleased


Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End (CS-RS) Hans Zimmer

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(Posted: December 1, 2012)

Special Thanks!  scorepranos


Battle: Los Angeles (CS-AC) Brian Tyler

HQ Version (Battle: Los Angeles, 2011)

(Originally posted: September 26, 2012)

Vampires: Los Muertos (CS) Brian Tyler

HQ Version (Vampires: Los Muertos, 2002)

(Originally Posted: July 25, 2012)

Warm Bodies (CS) Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders

HQ Version Available (you know the drill)
(Warm Bodies, 2013)

At last!, the planned cover i had years ago was finally finished. I had this lined up in 2014 and at that time was able to gather all the needed materials for this project. Needless to say, it never came into fruition as my own personal stuffs gets in the way of it. Lucky enough that I’m still able to retrieve my files and with it the re-uploading of most of the content in this blog as well as my other site dedicated to Front Covers. I never thought that I’d had the chance of making this site active again and continue what I enjoyed doing, making cover arts and listening to film scores. I know I have lots of catching up to do’s but unlike before this will be updated whenever time permits me to do so. And all though I might have been away from this blog, I never really actually stop doing covers hence there’s still lots of covers that was made that hasn’t been posted (i.e. the Resident Evil Game Soundtracks series etc.).

Just when I thought WordPress is a great hosting site for blogs then, I’d say its even more awesome today. This blog owes a lot to them, and with more features and stuffs added it just keeps getting bigger and better, for that…thank you! Oh and by the way, if you have been reading this and have been a follower and a visitor and likes what you been seeing here and appreciates the work I shared here, thank you too!

by the way here’s a shout-out list: (this goes way back for this particular post and then some) in no particular order hack3rman, AberZombi&Flesh, Petros, stereoelf, A Fire Will Rise, zardos22, Sunderella, lord71, martymarin, DAKoftheOTA, talmadge.