TMNT (CS*) Klaus Badelt

HQ Version (click on the image to save)

(Originally Posted: March 3, 2013)

Updated Cover V2

Shout-outs!  T-Mann036

“Updated” 00026


5 thoughts on “TMNT (CS*) Klaus Badelt”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I truly appreciate it. However, there are tracks that need to be changed–

    33. They Took Him (2:27)
    34. Leo’s Prison (1:08)
    36. Stone Mutiny (0:48)
    37. Freeing Leo (1:13)
    38. Winters Feud (3:07)
    39. Stone Fight (2:06)
    40. Final Monster (1:29) [Correct Actual Time from Klaus’ site]
    41. We Did It (1:38)
    43. Masks (1:30)

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