Thor 2011 Wallpaper!

Thor Wallpaper / Thor 2011 Wallpaper

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Thor recently had a good showing at the Box- Office. I had the chance to watch it on the big screen and I find the movie good enough for another sequel as it was done right. This is another tie up in the up coming movie adaptation of Marvel Comics’ Superhero team “The Avengers”.

The Thor character definitely suits Chris Hemsworth to a tee while Legendary actors Anthony Hopkins made a regal rendition of Thor’s father “Odin”. Tom Hiddlestone is a perfect fit for Loki’s character as the evil brother of Thor. Natalie Portman, Idris Elba (short yet important role) and Stellan Skarssgard makes a stellar performance as the human allies of the god of thunder.

Well, here’s a Wallpaper tribute to Thor…

BWA Wallpaper presents Thor 2011 Wallpaper!


* Originally posted on 6 June 2011


**Character names, likeness and other related trademarks belong to Marvel Ent., Paramount Pictures 2011. No Copyrights Infringement is intended.**


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